3 Ways Digital Menus Boost Bar & Restaurant Sales

Digital menus have become more and more popular among bar operators for their convenience and polished look. But savvy owners also know that TV menus can make a big impact on a bar’s bottom line. In fact, multiple studies (like those cited below) show that digital menus are viewed more often, increase average ticket sales and improve guest experience. Check out the infographic below for the top three ways TV menus boost bar and restaurant sales.


Download our free infographic: 3 Ways Digital Menus Boost Bar & Restaurant Sales

Final Thoughts

These statistics suggest that adding a digital menu to your bar can make a big impact on your bottom line. Digital menus get noticed more than static screens, encourage customers to make unplanned purchases and create a more customer-centric environment. But this is only the beginning! Bars can also use digital signage to grow customer loyalty (aka revenue) by:

  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Advertising weekly or holiday-themed specials
  • Sharing positive reviews
  • Inviting customers to use a hashtag to get up on the big screen


How could digital menus improve your bar sales? Learn more.

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