Changes to TapHunter Facebook and Instagram Integrations (Spring 2018)

Changes to TapHunter Facebook and Instagram Integrations (Spring 2018)

Facebook has recently made some significant changes to the way that businesses like ours can work with both Facebook and Instagram (which they own), and we want to lay out exactly what that means for TapHunter Business customers.


Changes to TapHunter Facebook Integration

The two major changes to the way that TapHunter integrates with Facebook center around events and the Facebook page tab menu. In the past, TapHunter customers could enable a feature that would automatically import their Facebook events into their TapHunter account every time they created a new event. This is currently disabled, although it is possible that it could return in the future (we will be sure to update this post and send out new communications in the event that this is restored). The reasoning behind this is that Facebook now requires business who want to use this feature to submit for approval before they can make use of it, and we will be going through this process as quickly as possible. 


Adding a custom Facebook page tab previously provided a way for any TapHunter customer to add a live updated menu to a custom tab on their Facebook page. While this still works for many of our customers, Facebook just recently imposed a new restriction that only pages with over 2,000 followers may add a custom page tab (which is now mentioned in Facebook’s documentation). This limits our ability to add a menu onto a custom tab to customers who have Facebook pages with under 2,000 followers, although we are confident that by using our social media posting and monitoring tools any TapHunter customer should be able to amass 2,000 or more followers on their Facebook page. 


Changes to TapHunter Instagram Integration

There are a few features that we used to offer around Instagram that we are not currently able to offer due to Facebook’s recent changes to the Instagram API (which is the system that allows us to integrate with Instagram in the first place). The features that are no longer supported from within your TapHunter account are: liking Instagram photos, following Instagram accounts, displaying posts using a particular hashtag on your digital menu and seeing them in your dashboard.


While the lack of advance warning from Facebook about these changes created a less than ideal situation where some features of our product stopped working suddenly, a headache experienced by many other businesses as well, we understand and support Facebook’s desire to protect the privacy of all those who use their services. We also have a strong commitment to user privacy and will continue to work hard to provide the best possible product for our customers.


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