Want a Digital Beer Board for your Bar?

Digital beer boards have quickly become must-haves for tap lists in bars and restaurants. Not only do they save you time updating your chalkboard 20 times a week, but they are also much easier to read (another round, anyone?!). If you haven’t already, now is definitely time to put the chalkboard to rest and switch to a digital beer board!

Digital Beer Board

Waypoint’s digital beer board by TapHunter

How do TapHunter’s digital beer boards work?

The design process: TapHunter’s digital menu design options are endless. Whether you base your design on one of multiple templates or create a unique design that perfectly suits your bar’s personality, our tools will help you create your ideal menu. The customizations don’t stop at fonts and colors! TapHunter digital drink menus can be horizontal or vertical and you can display all of your drinks on one screen or rotate through your whole list (including with large images). You can also display multiple pour sizes and prices and even rotate through promo images to drive sales (e.g. Happy hour promos, food specials, etc).

The hardware: We provide the customized hardware, no software to install! Simply take the device and plug it into any existing TV at your location. That’s it!

How it saves you time: Your digital beer board (and your print menu, Facebook menu, and website menu) will automatically update in real time when you update your beer, spirits, cocktail, wine or food list from the TapHunter customer dashboard. No refresh needed.

The price: Our digital beer boards are very affordable. Our team will work with your location to find the package that is best for you. Request more information to get a quote!

See what a digital beer board would look like at your bar! Get a demo now.


Now for a few examples!

Coronado Brewing Digital Beer Board

Coronado Brewing Co Digital Beer Board

digital beer board

Steamworks digital beer board

Digital Beer Menu

Barrel Republic’s digital beer menu by TapHunter

Digital Beer Menu

Top Dawg Digital Beer Menu by TapHunter

Digital Beer Board

Stapleton Tap House Digital Beer Board by TapHunter

Digital Beer Menu

SDBC digital beer menu by TapHunter

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