Holiday Marketing Tips for Bars and Restaurants

blog post about holiday marketing tips for bars and restaurants

The holiday season provides a cornucopia of promotional opportunities for all kinds of businesses. Planning and creativity are imperative in order to have a successful marketing quarter for the holidays. These 10 holiday marketing tips are here to help you navigate through this hectic, and sometimes overwhelming season.

  1. Plan ahead of time

    While this seems like the obvious thing to do, time flies. When you’re busy, sometimes it feels like it travels at the speed of light. Experts suggest giving yourself around six months. Halloween is in October, which means start planning in April.

  2. Promote in Advance Too

    You know how you may hear Christmas music begin in October and it seems absolutely too early? Treat promoting yourself like that. People won’t know to show up at your establishment unless they’re being told there’s a reason to be there.

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Your Friend

    With the holiday season comes lots of important keywords. For example, when someone says “Thanksgiving” people also think things like “turkey”, “cranberry”, or “autumn.” Take advantage of those trains of thought with social content, blog posts, or other seasonal content on your website to get traffic from search engines.

  4. Find Something That Makes You Unique 

    Give yourself a selling point that nobody else has. Carry types of seasonal beer/liquor that are more rare to find. They give you the opportunity to attract varieties of customers. Check out our Top Fall Beers of 2017 for some inspiration.

  5. Don’t Ignore Your Social Media

    Social media is a fantastic tool for engaging with customers who visit your business as well as potential customers. Flood your feeds with promotions and sales, as well as create dialogue with your customers to know exactly what you can do to give them what they want.

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  6. Utilize influencers

    People who have significant reach on social media can be very helpful in the realm of promotion. Instagram is a primary channel for this, but Facebook and Youtube have been used similarly. Cultivating relationships with food/beverage/travel bloggers is also a great idea to help get the word out to as many people as possible.

  7. Create a Loyalty Program

    Loyalty programs promoted during a holiday season can help ensure people will still have incentive to return once the season is over. It’s great to generate more business during the holidays, and it’s even better to keep those people coming back.

  8. Events, Events, Events

    The holidays give a plethora of chances to host different types of events ranging from costume and pie eating contests, to themed trivia or karaoke.

  9. Decorate Your Storefront Accordingly

    Decorations are eye-catching, fun, and most importantly, inviting. A willingness to decorate for the holidays reflects an investment in the sense of community and can draw in additional foot traffic. (Extra Pro-Tip: Decorating your website is a fun way to utilize this concept on a digital scale as well.)

  10. Sell Gift Cards/Certificates

    Holidays are a hot time of year for giving away gift cards and certificates. This allows you to utilize word-of-mouth marketing in a way that almost guarantees that the recipient will come in at the to redeem their gift, and even if they don’t, at least your business can still make money from the initial transaction.

We hope that these tips are helpful as you gear up for the holidays this season! For more great information on making the most of the holidays this season, register for our upcoming webinar on Driving more sales this holiday season.

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