How to Make Your Bar Opening Easier

How to Make Your Bar Opening Easier

Let’s face it, opening your bar at the beginning of the day can be a drag. Even if it was closed properly the night before, there’s a ton of little, tedious items that need to be taken care of. And with the anticipation of a busy day in front of you, it’s important you can crank through the Opening To-Do Checklist as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s a few activities you might need to take care of:

  • Turn on the TV(s) and make sure the channels are set appropriately
  • Look over the chalkboard to verify it’s accurate and up to date
  • Make sure the trash has been emptied
  • And the recycling
  • Check out the bathroom and hope it was spic ‘n spanned the night before
  • Update your print menus
  • Pull the covers off the taps and make sure they’re clean
  • Taste the beers so you know what you’re selling and to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the lines
  • Update your digital drink board
  • Tap new kegs
  • Make sure the shelf of merch looks nice
  • Clean the tables and bar
  • Get the till ready to go

The point is, getting your bar ready for the day can be a lot of work. This doesn’t even consider the work that needs to be done to attract customers in your door to appreciate all your hard work! You’ve got social media to engage on, announcing new beers on tap, letting folks know about a special event. And the list goes on. You, Mr. and Mrs. Bar Owner are BUSY. So, how can you free up some all-important time in the midst of all this?

With TapHunter, all you need to do is login and the following is done automatically:

  • Social media feeds are updated with new beers on tap
  • Digital drink boards are updated
  • Print menu templates are refreshed and ready for printing
  • Your website beer menu gets updated

An additional bonus is that you can quickly browse the beers you have on tap to get up to speed on the style and characteristics. This can come in handy when you need to educate a customer asking questions if you haven’t had time to taste and consider any newly tapped kegs.

You need to be focused on important tasks, like generating revenue, and some tasks that are important but not exactly fun – like cleaning the bathroom. Give yourself some breathing room and let TapHunter take some work off your plate.