Ideas to Bring in Valentine’s Day Business

Ideas to Bring in Valentine's Day Business

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for revenue because everyone goes out.  Whether it’s the cute couple on the town, or the group of singles looking to party, one thing is for sure, people love to drink on this day! 

According to a recent study, by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, the following is true about Valentine’s Day consumers:

  • 61.8% celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • $13.19 billion dollars is spent on the day each year
  • 34.6% of consumers who celebrate, will go out

So as a bar owner, there are several things you can do to take advantage of this holiday of love, and make it fun for all of your customers.

Set the Mood

Changing up the environment is very important for this holiday, especially because it’s celebrated with such vibrant colors, like pink, white, and red.  You should always decorate your bar. 

If you choose to go a softer route, use dimmed mood lighting, and perhaps even a live jazz band.  Turn off any television, and revamp your lounge areas with plush pillows, or candle light.  You can even create a special “menu for lovers.”  Whatever you do, be creative!

If your bar is located in a more college style environment, you may choose to go the opposite route, and hold an “Anti-Valentine’s Day,” which can attract local singles in the area.  Some bars even host a ladies night, with special cocktails, and food items, that cater to a younger crowd.

Strategic Marketing

You should always prepare ahead of time for nights like these, and part of strategic marketing, especially for Valentine’s Day, involves offering package deals.  If you live in an urban area, talk to the local concierges about offering a discount at dinner in exchange for one on a room.  Other bars have partnered with local movie theaters, museums, and after-dinner activities.

If you live in a quieter town, you can offer 2 for 1 deals, menu specials, cocktail creations, or showcase a new craft beer.  Whatever you choose, make sure you market it.  TapHunter will send a tweet, post on Facebook, and even update your personal site, all from their simple online dashboard.

Get Personal

If your bar has a good menu, consider holding some private cooking classes, or craft beer tasting.  This can become a regular thing for your bar, if successful.  Atlanta establishment Rathbun’s  Restaurant offers cooking classes and has found this type of direct engagement with their customers, fosters a community and repeat returns. 

Free Wine/Beer Tasting

This is a great way to bring in business to your craft bar during holidays.  It also is a great time to debut, or test out some new craft batches.  Obviously, keep these portions on the small end, but more often than not, you will have customers purchase a lot of what they have sampled.    

Overall, don’t forget that this holiday is a great one to take advantage of.  It tends to be low key, but at the same time, consumerism is at an all time high.  People like to spend money on Valentine’s Day, and whether it is romantic or a party atmosphere, one thing is for sure, everyone just wants to have a good time. 

With a little planning, some creative mood setting, and attention to detail, you should have a fairly prosperous and eventful night.