The Best Low-Calorie Craft Beers

The Best Low-Calorie Craft Beers

Now that the holidays are over, the gyms are most likely packed, and people are imbibing a little less.  That being said, everyone is still looking to celebrate…..just in a lighter way.  The good news is that low-calorie craft beers do not have to skimp on flavor, just because they do on calories.

As a bar owner or manager, it’s good to know of a few offhand that have become quite popular in the arena of low-calorie craft beers.  Most have less ABV (alcohol by volume) than regular craft beers, but are still chock full of flavor.

Founders All Day IPA

Hailing from Michigan, this beer was one of the first session IPA’s to hit the market.  Comprised of a bitter, yet citrusy taste, the brew is gold in color, and is a favorite among light craft beer drinkers. 

Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.

ABV: 4.7% Calories: 147

Long Trail Ale

Vermont has recently become a popular place for the proliferation of craft beers, and Vermont’s Long Trail Ale is a front runner on taste for light craft beer.  The amber ale has sweet notes of caramel and toffee, and goes down entirely smooth. 

Brewery: Long Trail Brewing Company

ABV: 5% Calories: 138

Unita Baba Black Lager

One of the darker brews on the list, this craft beer from Utah has a creamy, smoky flavor that warms the belly during the long winter months.  At only 120 calories, it is still considered a light craft beer, despite the color.

Brewery: Uinta Brewing Company

ABV: 4% Calories: 120

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Sam Adams Light

Although considered a pale, light beer, this Boston brew is best known for both its incredible flavor, and it’s unique golden amber color.  It leaves a clean finish to the palate and contains sweet and hoppy flavor notes.  If you are questioning light craft beers, this is always a win-win with customers. 

Brewery: The Boston Brewing Company

ABV: 4.3% Calories: 119

Flying Dog Session India Pale Ale

India pale ales have been known to be some of the worst offenders when it comes to the waistline.  This Maryland brew is known not only for having big hoppy flavors, but is also one of the lightest IPA’s out there.  With citrusy notes of grapefruit, it goes down smooth and won’t break the calorie bank.

Brewery: Flying Dog Brewery 

ABV: 4.7% Calories: 141

Now that you have a few ideas, you may want to add one of these low-cal beers to your rotation. Make sure you let your health-conscious customers know by posting on social or promoting your new beers to guests on digital displays.

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