Turning Instagram Posts Tagged at Your Business Into Repeat Customers

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Most bars and restaurants have some presence on the most common social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to market themselves and drive more customers through their doors. The savviest businesses make the most out of every customer interaction online and leave no stone unturned. One commonly overlooked opportunity is when patrons tag a photo at your business on Instagram. So, how can you go about turning Instagram posts tagged at your business into repeat customers?


What are Posts Tagged at My Location?

This might sound like an obvious question but it can be confusing understanding the difference between posts that tag your @handle and posts that are tagged at your location. When someone tags your handle (your name on Instagram with an “@” sign in front of it), you get a notification so it’s easy to keep track of and respond to. Photos tagged at your location are different because the physical location of your business that people can tag in their posts is actually not connected to your account or handle in any way that can notify you when posts tag your location.


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This is significant because it means many bar and restaurant owners only notice posts that tag their handle and miss out on tons of posts tagged at their location. To see posts tagged at your location, you must search for it and then click on the “Places” tab on the Instagram search screen (or look for the map icon if you are searching on the web).


How to Turn Instagram Posts Tagged at Your Business Into Repeat Customers

  • Like and comment on posts often
  • Follow a guest’s profile and build a community
  • Share the guest’s experience

There are a few keys to turning these posts tagged at your location on Instagram into repeat customers. One is making sure you stay on top of engaging with those posts, liking and commenting on each one, and following that person’s account. When you engage with your patrons posts it shows that you appreciate their patronage and it leaves a lasting impression. Following them means that they’re much more likely to follow you if they haven’t already, which helps you to build a community. Asking for permission to repost your patron’s Instagram posts is also a great way to build a closer relationship with them while also helping to foster a sense of community.


You should make sure to tailor your comments to the post, and use discretion about which posts are inappropriate to comment on. One smart way to use comments is to thank the person for their post and invite them to send you a direct message in order to receive a special offer on their next visit. This greatly increases the chances that this person will come back to your bar or

restaurant soon and likely tell their friends that they should do the same.


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