How to Use a Content Calendar to Stay Consistent on Social Media

Do you struggle to keep up with your social media accounts and posting as much as you want to? Don’t worry, it sounds like you are human! Most bar and restaurant managers get so busy that social media outreach often falls on the back burner, but there’s hope because TapHunter wants to change that by teaching you how to use a content calendar to stay consistent on social media! 


We provide two separate content calendars to help your planning efforts, and both will make it easier to schedule out your posts in advance, take full advantage of all relevant holidays, and overall have a stronger marketing presence. We also provide some suggestions for what to post about, and a legend that you can use to specify which network a post is for. Bottom line, it lets you get ahead of the game and plan for holidays and optimal posting times before the day of! Most importantly, if you use the content calendar in conjunction with our social media scheduling tools, you can schedule out tweets and status updates to Twitter and Facebook weeks in advance.

Another added bonus- when you plan ahead and draft your posts in batches, it is much easier to maintain a consistent voice and tone for your brand. On top of that, by saving time creating a lot of content at once instead of spread out throughout the month you and your staff can leverage that time to respond and interact with your audience online and in-house.

Download the TapHunter Content Calendar

Let’s break down two different ways that you can use a content calendar to stay consistent on social media. We provide both a monthly and annual content calendar in one download so that you can try out both of these strategies.

Planning Content with a Monthly Calendar

One way to plan your content is with a monthly content calendar. This involves sitting down every single month and planning out the content you plan to post for the next upcoming calendar month. Planning content in this way is good for those who prefer to keep their planning short-term instead of trying to tackle an entire quarter or year at once, which can definitely be daunting.

Usually this involves a monthly content planning session where your marketing team (sometimes just a team of 1!) sits down and plans out the content for the upcoming month. It is often even more productive if you can also schedule some or all of the social media posts that you plan out so that all of the work is done in that one session.

How to Use a Content Calendar to Stay Consistent on Social Media

(example of our monthly content calendar)

Planning Content with an Annual Calendar

Another way to plan your content is with an annual calendar for an entire year. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are planning out every single social post for that year, but it does mean that you’re thinking beyond planning for a single month. Using an annual content calendar means that the document you’re using for planning will have the full year available for you to plan out if you’d like, and you can focus more long term and plan out the next three or even six months in one sitting.

How to Use a Content Calendar to Stay Consistent on Social Media

(example of our annual content calendar)

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can plan out every post for six months however, as we all know things can change quickly and you want to tailor your posts to be relevant based on current trends or events. You can plan out some of your posts that are more predictable and save yourself some considerable time down the road. If you know that you’ll want to post about certain holidays or seasons months in advance, you can plan and schedule those posts early so that you don’t have to do so when the time comes to post that content.


Our tools give you and your staff the power to develop a fail safe social media operation that brings in more customers for your business. You can download the content calendar here or sign up for a free demonstration of our tools here.



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