Using Games to Boost Your Bar Business

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Getting a customer into your bar is only half of the equation. The other half is keeping them there as long as possible ordering drinks and food. Nothing wrong with someone ordering a pint and leaving but certainly a taster flight, a burger and then another drink to wrap up the visit is preferred from a revenue standpoint. A great way to accomplish this is offering games to play at the bar and on tables.

Cards Against Humanity is a sought after, adult themed game that offers a group of friends the opportunity to hang out at your bar for an extended stay. The laughs they have will make your bar memorable next time they’re looking for a place to go on a Friday night. And being it’s really just a deck of cards, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is a natural fit in a bar setting.

cards against humanity


Another option is one of BuzzTime’s many bar games that are of a more traditional style like trivia, sports and pop culture. Rather than use a common card or board style game, their model centers on individual tablets that are loaded and ready to go with a range of game options. It’s a portable, tech-based approach that doesn’t take up a lot of physical space while fostering lengthier stays by your patrons. Below are a few more popular games you could consider putting in your bar!

  • Foosball – crowd pleaser that requires some space.
  • Jenga – small size and waterproof!
  • Pinball – old school fun.
  • Darts – just need a bit of wall space!
  • Trivial Pursuit – easily gets the whole table engaged.
    trivial pursuit 

The idea here is to keep your customer’s engaged and entertained so that they’ll stay longer and hopefully drive more revenue. At the same time, you differentiate your location from the competition by offering something outside the typical entertainment option of a television with sports playing in the background.

Of course, implementing a plan like this, regardless of how easy, will require more time resources on you and your staff for things like keeping the games clean, charged and ready to use. Rather than pile on to the list of your current duties, free up this time by getting started with TapHunter. It’s suite of bar-focused applications allow for drinks list updating across your website, social media platforms, print and digital menus at the touch of a button. So you can focus on ways of driving new revenue.