Webinar: 5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation and Handle Your Reviews

We joined with our friends over at Main Street Hub for a webinar covering the top 5 ways bars and restaurants can manage their reputation and reviews. From Instagram to Yelp, learn the latest tips and tricks.

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Topics Covered

  1. How to grow your online reputation and attract Millennial customers
    • Optimizing your profiles
    • Tips for Instagram and Facebook posts
  2. How to strategize and respond to reviews
    • Why reviews are important
    • The intel you need to gather
    • How bars and restaurants can make an effective plan for staying consistent with review management
  3. How to create a successful reputation for your brand
    • Tips for gathering feedback
    • How to share reviews on social media
  4. How to respond effectively to negative reviews
    • Respond as soon as you can respond well
    • Be professional
    • Know when to push back
    • Keep it simple
    • Pro tips for adding personality, when it’s ok to not respond, disputing reviews and learning from reviews
  5. Why informal reviews on Instagram are important
    • The importance of location tagging
    • When and when not to respond
    • How to use these posts to gain free exposure for your bar or restaurant