TapHunter: Enters The Next Phase

“With a new design, geolocation technology, and an expansion into            spirits and cocktails, TapHunter is an app on the move”





Seeking a Beer? There’s an App for That

“Winter Beer Fest ideal for Sampling Beer-Savvy Smart Phone Apps”



Beer Apps Like TapHunter Put Data On Tap

“San Diego-based TapHunter maintains a database of more than 30,000 unique beers with the express purpose of helping beer drinkers find them at their local bars, restaurants, supermarkets, bottle shops and elsewhere.”

Social Media Helping Level the Playing Field for Craft Breweries

“The number of new craft breweries has exploded in the past few years and the market is getting crowded,” said Melani Gordon, who co-founded San Diego-based TapHunter.



Seeking a Beer? There’s an App for That

“Winter Beer Fest ideal for Sampling Beer-Savvy Smart Phone Apps”




In the Eye of the Beerholder

“Men still outnumber women when it comes to beer drinking. Could craft beer be the catalyst to change that?”



Tech Startups Set Down Tentative Roots in San Diego

“Melani Gordon, co-founder of Tap Hunter, a company that built an app to help consumers find their favorite beers on tap, and helps restaurants and bars connect with their craft-beer-loving base.”




San Diego Tech Week Reflects Gains as Web Startups Amass Downtown

“Melani Gordon, the co-founder and CEO of the craft brewery app TapHunter… has helped organize mentoring sessions—and sees an emerging renaissance for Web and software startups in San Diego.”

‘Is Innovation Homogeny?

“Melani Gordon is part of a group of local entrepreneurs leading San Diego’s tech startup community.”






The 11 Coolest Startups In San Diego Right Now

“TapHunter helps beer lovers find great breweries and helps businesses enhance their beer programs.”



Announcing The Socaltech 50: Southern California’s Up-and-Comers

“Getting to this list was not easy: we received over 700 nominations for people to be considered on the list, and it took a lot of work by our selection committee to whittle down the list to the finalists.”



Melani Gordon of on S.D.’s Craft Brewing Industry

“Melani Gordon, CEO and co-founder of craft beer finder site, talks about her site and the San Diego craft brewing industry.”

SD Craft Brewing Industry Looks to Foster Growth


“Bad quality beer won’t be stood for,” said Melani Gordon, CEO and co-founder of TapHunter, a website and mobile application that lets beer drinkers find what beers are on tap at different locations. “People voice their opinion to us all the time. Quality will work itself out. They’ll have to improve or they won’t last.”


San Diego’s New Downtown Incubator Opens Doors to Internet Startups

TapHunter: Mobile app for locating places that serve craft beer was chosen for this incubator and since has experienced only growth.”


Beyond San Diego’s Surf and Sun: Suds

There are over 50 breweries in the county. There are San Diego brewery maps and coffee table books and a smartphone app called Taphunter that updates users on which beers are on tap at area bars and restaurants.”






10 Female Entrepreneurs in San Diego to Watch

“Featuring TapHunter’s own CEO, Melani Gordon…”






50 People to Watch in San Diego 2012

“Melani and Jeff (aka Flash) are the creators of the popular, a Web site and app that updates users with what’s on draft at their favorite bars.”





11 in ‘11: Eleven to watch in San Diego Beer in 2011

Born alongside San Diego Beer Week 2009, is the product of marketing maven Mel Gordon & husband/tech whiz Jeff “Flash” Gordon…”







That App Will Hunt

“Jeff and Melani Gordon’s solution to your drinking problem.”



Plus One: Melani and Jeff Gordon

“Melani and Flash jumped head first into the local emerging craft beer movement…They took to their iPhones to launch TapHunter, a Web site and mobile app that tracks and promotes the latest local taps at dozens of the best craft beer bars and restaurants in the city.”


Digital Beer: Humans, Computers and Keepin’ It Real

With apps like TapHunter….the world of digital beer is booming.”





TapHunter. Do you use it? YOU SHOULD.




Best. Week. Ever.

“Melani Gordon from TapHunter interviews brewers and beer fans at the Brewers Guild Festival”




Brew Finder at Your Fingertips

“TapHunter Puts your Favorite Brew Mouse Clicks Away”