“The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.”

-Steve Jobs

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TapHunter is two things: it’s an industry tool for bar and restaurant owners & a consumer-facing mobile app for beer, spirit and cocktail lovers!

For the beverage industry, TapHunter provides on- and off-premise accounts with time- and money-saving tools that automatically updates beverage inventory on social media channels, websites, print menus and digital displays. This exposure empowers our customers by helping transform beer, spirits, and cocktail menus into valuable revenue producers.

For the consumer, TapHunter.com and the TapHunter mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play, enables consumers to locate their favorite beer, spirits and cocktails in markets across the United States and internationally.

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Tasty Beverages and Technology are our Passion…

We often say if Greg Koch, Mark Zuckerberg and Anthony Bourdain had a “Brady Bunch Love Family”, it would be us! That’s because our team is part hardworking beer connoisseurs, part innovative technologists and hard-core hunters that support local businesses and don’t settle for supporting common denominators and crappy ingredients.

Our TapHunter family is known for working our butts off and having fun doing it. Whether it’s sharing in a modern day Breakfast Club (where a team member cooks up breakfast and we chat business strategy), broadcasting a new podcast episode of The Business of Beer with our very own Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, or tapping a new beer on our awesome in-office Kegerator, our mission is to deliver a quality product while providing unparalleled service. (And seriously, who else can claim to help people “Hunt” tasty beverages?!)

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We’ve been enjoying craft beer since its rise in popularity 15-plus years ago, so we decided to enter the craft beer space! Although we’ve always had a secret passion for other tasty beverages. Whether it’s Jeff and Melani with their whiskies, Anthony with his tequilas, Kara with her spicy red Zins, David with his Four Roses Bourbon, or Chris with his innovative cocktails, one thing we all love is diversity in our enjoyment of beverages. That is why we moved from being beer focused company to encompassing all beverages in 2014!

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2015 marks the year we moved into our own office and took things to the next level. Watch our team’s faces as Melani and Flash surprise us all by bringing us to our new office after a team bonding day full of golfing and drinking on the course.


At TapHunter Community Comes First…

I am a craft beer drinker.”

These words, passionately expressed in support of the craft beer community (by TapHunter Founders Jeff and Melani) during the I am a craft beer drinker campaign back in 2010, were TapHunter’s defining moment. This experience, coupled with our ever-growing awareness that nothing existed to aggregate locations, menus and new craft beer offerings gave way to… “this is what we’re supposed to be doing!”

Now, four years later, TapHunter has proudly grown past “two guys in a garage” and now supports thousands of bars, breweries, restaurants, and bottle shops across the U.S., Canada and Australia. And our app is spreading like wildfire…and spreading in all the right directions and to all the right TapHunters. And with a 99% retention rate amongst our bar, brewery and restaurant owners we’re going to take this as a sign that we’re on the right track!

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We’re raving fans of our fans, because just like you—our TapHunter community—we’re a collection of beer and spirit connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and past bar, brewery, and restaurant owners and staff. We’ve walked in your shoes. Everything we’ve done and continue to do is about sharing our passion and innovative ideas for this world…and having loads of FUN along the way.

Everything we do to better our product is just one more step in our mutual exploration, discovery and enjoyment of the beer, wine, cocktail and spirit world. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what we can accomplish together. Here’s looking forward to continuing the hunt!

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