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Our Culture

Meet the team and get a better feel for our company culture!

We often say if Greg Koch, Mark Zuckerberg and Anthony Bourdain had a “Brady Bunch Love Family”, it would be us! That’s because our team is part hardworking beer connoisseurs, part innovative technologists and hard-core hunters that support local businesses and don’t settle for supporting common denominators and crappy ingredients.

Our TapHunter family is known for working our butts off and having fun doing it. Whether it’s sharing in a modern day Breakfast Club (where a team member cooks up breakfast and we chat business strategy), broadcasting a new podcast episode of The Business of Beer with our very own Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, or tapping a new beer on our awesome in-office Kegerator, our mission is to deliver a quality product while providing unparalleled service. (And seriously, who else can claim to help people “Hunt” tasty beverages?!)

Get To Know Our Team!

We’re raving fans of our fans, because just like you—our TapHunter community—we’re a collection of beer and spirit connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and past bar, brewery, and restaurant owners and staff. We’ve walked in your shoes. Everything we’ve done and continue to do is about sharing our passion and innovative ideas for this world…and having loads of FUN along the way.

Everything we do to better our product is just one more step in our mutual exploration, discovery and enjoyment of the beer, wine, cocktail and spirit world. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what we can accomplish together. Here’s looking forward to continuing the hunt!

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