What are Self-Serve Beer Taps?

As a bar owner serving a variety of craft beer, staying abreast of the newest technologies can do much for the success of your business! One of the latest trends to hit the industry, is a technology known as “self-serve beer taps,” and they’re quickly becoming every bar owner’s dream. What are Self-Serve Beer Taps?

How it Works 

The system was started by a Santa Ana company called iPourit, and the technology is now a multi-million dollar industry. Some of the main questions people first have, is to ask where the bartenders go and how are people being monitored?

The bar is still staffed, and patrons present their ID to receive a wireless bracelet or card that allows them to operate the tap. The system tracks and monitors the amount of pours, which you can later use as actionable data for your establishment. After a certain amount, patrons can check in with a staff member to recharge their bracelet or card.

There are several reasons why bar owners are interested in this new technology.

Cut Costs

When it comes to cutting costs, these systems are phenomenal. Josh Goodman, owner of rival company PourMyBeer  has stated:

“In a location with 50 taps, you typically have to have around 20 to 30 employees.  With us, you can easily have 10 and not really be stretched.”

Less Waste

Keg shrink is a common issue in the industry, with some bar owners reporting a 25% loss from wasted or unsold beer. Since this technology is designed to charge for every ounce poured, your keg yield can be closer to 100%.

The waste is not put on the shoulders of the customer, however, because customers tend to be less rushed and more careful when they pour their own. Chances are they also won’t be giving away any beers they pour themselves, like some bartenders do.

Boost Revenue

Having a self-serve beer section in your bar or restaurant, can make people feel like a kid in a candy shop. And since people are charged by the 10th of an ounce, they can get a little crazy with the sampling.

People’s natural curiosity to sample new craft beer flavors, has been shown to boost revenue. According to iPourIt, most of their clients see a 39% increase in sales after installing their product.

The Future

The figures aren’t out yet on how many people have actually installed these systems, but iPourIt has reported 42 locations, in 23 states, with 14 of those being 100% self serve (no bartenders). These systems can also report real-time data on your patrons, so you know who’s buying what, and when; which provides great direction for your marketing efforts.

If you decide to install a self-serve beer system, your ability to stock various beers can climb two-fold. Of course you want your patrons to know about the exciting additions to your bar or tap room!

TapHunter is a program that fits in seamlessly with the self-serve concept. When you have so many choices of craft beer, displaying them can be challenging. With their digital beer boards, the menus are clear, colorful, and impressively informative (a lot more can fit on a screen than a chalkboard). You can even group the selections in a way that directs patrons to their location in your establishment.

TapHunter also offers an app to your patrons that will send them push notifications whenever a keg is changed out for a new recruit. This type of real-time marketing always keeps the ever-curious samplers, coming back for more! We hope you learned a thing or two on, What are Self-Serve Beer Taps?


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